Mike Boccuzzi

I'm semi-new to Indian food, only been eating it a few years, but this was the best I've ever had. The garbanzo beans had incredible flavor, and the butter chicken was so tender. My mouth is watering as I type this, I can't wait to go back. Also the service was very friendly and informative.

Matthew Balzer

I love this place very much. It has a great atmosphere. The kitcen is superb. the service is dynamic and the team is courteous. The cost is honest. I warmly recommend.

Anmol Anand

Good food and friendly staff. I had the bowl combo with white rice, chicken and dal. The taste was authentic and good. Parking is easy to find.

Jared Hammer

Okay. There are only a few places that have ever left me speechless. This is one of them. The flavors are rich and en pointe, the staff makes you feel like family, and I just have to bring up the flavor again, because wow. I thought it was going to be low grade take-out because of the price, but this is on par with a place I would spend twice as much at.

Rachel Duran

This is one of my favorite restaurants hands down! The food is always on point and the owner is so friendly and genuinely puts her heart and soul into the food and her business. I've learned so much about Indian food just eating here. 10/10

Daniel Williams

I'm from London, UK where we have fantastic Indian food and after moving to America 3 years ago I struggled to find anywhere that was anything like back home. Bollywood Zaika is legit! I'm so happy I found this place the food is awesome. A lot of other Indian restaurants I found tasted like they were using sauces out of a jar, but this place is definitely real home cooked food. 100% recommend

Alison Kaplan

I don't where this place has been but after living in South Bay for 5+ years, this is by far the best Indian I've had and I just discovered it. Menu is limited compared to other Indian restaurants in the area but it's excellent. Quality vs. Quantity!

Skyler Haley

I admire this spot! They have decent food, their menu is decent, The cook in that restaurant is a real pro, I love very much trying all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the guests is very good too. I often go to this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. I recommend it to all.


Honestly the BEST Indian food you can find out here coupled with quick speed, good prices, and very friendly service. They even offer you samples to help you find the best dish for you.
Cant say more about how grateful I am to have found a new go-to spot with authenticity and is also a local, family business. The best vibes in this restaurant and some of the BEST DISHES I HAVE EVER HAD.

Steve N

Bollywood Zaika is a quaint Indian spot in Redondo Beach where you can order some quality food for reasonable prices. I've been ordering takeout from here every once in a while and it is always on point. If you're worried about how well it'll hold up, trust me... it tastes just as good delivered as if you were to eat it at the restaurant. My go-to recommendations would be the Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken and the Baigan Bharta. Gotta mix it up with some meat and vegetarian options, you know? They threw in some wonderful condiments that went well with our dishes and I really suggest ordering the Garlic Naan to go with it too. Overall, it's a wonderful place that's definitely worth checking out if you're in the mood for some well prepared Indian cuisine!

Camryn Y

Perfection!!! This is some of the richest, most flavorful Indian food I've ever had, EVER, in a fast food setting with fast food prices. I'm shocked. Instead of sitting in ugly little open metal vats, the different curries and stews are housed in covered clay pots behind the glass window-- much more appealing. Everything was so delicious and flavorful!!! I ordered a plate with brown rice, butter chicken, jeera aloo (spiced potatoes), and a paneer dish that was the special of the day. I also ordered chicken and veggie samosas, garlic naan, and all of the chutneys. The rice was perfectly cooked-- not overdone and mushy. The butter chicken was tender and lean, and the paneer was melt-in-your-mouth tasty with a rich, buttery sauce. The samosas, chutneys, and raita were equally good. Customer service was friendly but a little slow, with only one person in back and one person manning the front. For this food at these prices, it's worth the wait though.

Bonnie S.

The food is AMAZING! I had the butter chicken, which I didn't expect to come with rice. It tasted great and was not spicy Since we only came in to pick up my order, I did not really get the chance to look around, I was still cery happy about the food and the friendly service. The lady that helped us out is VERY nice and friendly, talking as we paid for our food. It was fun to see all the red and orange pots that have food in them. My boyfriend and his mom call them fore pots, but its very cool to get to see all of them side by side I wish I has one of these restaurants close to my house.

Diane K.

Hands down the best Indian food in this area. Super covid friendly for easy take out. They have two tables set outside. Parking is ample. This is probably the 6-7th time I've been here and every time I come, I always think "man, they are so good!" I had a saag paneer (spinach and cheese) and an eggplant with some tomato goodness thing, over brown rice. Potatoes and chickpeas as my sides. It's prob enough for two but I cleared it all! Def one of my favorite places to eat in Redondo.

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